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Our story

How it all started

Henri Hekman, founder of Dutch Sprouts, used to work in the rubber and petrol industry. In 2001 he makes a drastic career shift and becomes CEO of BLGG, one of the biggest agricultural laboratories in Europe, which he eventually buys, in 2005.

In working with and for farmers, he develops a passion for their role in making the world liveable for others and concentrates his efforts on providing them with new tools that will enable them to solve the world food deficit. 

Under BLGG work was initiated in Kenya and its surrounding countries. There, where agricultural technology is almost inexistent Henri pictures how beneficial his project will be. He will make agricultural knowledge accessible and affordable to all farmers by bringing new technologies literally into their hands.

To Henri, data mining is the solution: combining the different layers of existing and yet to be developed data layers will expand our knowledge and proficiencies in the agricultural field.

His new professional and personal goal is thus set. With his knowledge in new technologies acquired in the petrol industry and his passion he convinces many people from BLGG and his personal network that this is actually possible. He also manages to gather other determined individuals and small companies around the world that share his purpose and develop similar affordable and accessible technologies.

In June 2013, he sells BLGG to Eurofins, and convinces a lot of researchers and agricultural consultants from NMI (with more than 80 years experience) to collaborate with him on his journey, and forms the Dutch Sprouts Holding. SoilCares, Springg, ClearDetections and the developers of the Scoutbox, one after the other concur with Henri’s belief and goal and join the Dutch Sprouts family.  

All these companies now work together on developing new solutions to empower farmers. 

We believe that together,
we can make a change.

If you believe in our common goal, if you have ideas that you would like to share with us, if you think somehow you or your company can join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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