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Dutch Sprouts enables smart thinkers to develop means to monitor soil and crop quality.

We enrol and start companies that share our belief and together improve agricultural and horticultural procedures by combining the latest agricultural know-how with high quality analytical experience and expertise.

  • 1928 Birth of BLGG
  • 1934 Birth of NMI
  • January 2012 Birth of Clear Detections Launch of first products
  • December 2012 Springg online platform launch
  • June 2013 Eurofins acquires BLGG
  • 01 June 2013 Birth of Dutch Sprouts Holding as a spin-off
  • August 2013 Launch of the Scoutbox
  • December 2013 First mobile laboratory running in Kenya
  • November 2014 Birth of the SoilCares foundation
  • January 2015 First prototype of the SoilCares Scanner

What drives us

We believe that we can contribute to solving the world food gap by providing farmers with the means to a sustainable yield.

Global agriculture is facing a major problem. Worldwide, the population is increasing, and farmers are struggling to cater for the resulting growth in food demand. In 2050, 9 billion stomachs will require filling each day. To make this possible, food production must increase by 70%. We believe that if farmers are better informed about factors that influence their production, and how to manage them, they will quickly optimise their yields, enhance their revenue and ultimately take part in bridging the world food gap.

“I want to help farmers increase their yield by better use of soil, water and other natural elements. More output with less input”

Henri Hekman / CEO and Founder

A team of experts working together to empower farmers

Complete solutions developed in-house.

Our main asset is our extensive team of specialists. Dutch Sprouts counts many qualified scientists, researchers and consultants who have been working in the agricultural field for decades, as well as skillful and experienced software developers and product designers. They work together in connecting the scientific knowledge to the modern technologies.

More about us


How Dutch Sprouts wants to conquer the world

An article written by Greenhouse Technology about our work, including an interview of our CEO.

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Dutch Sprouts ready for market launch

Dutch Sprouts will team up with investor Nimbus as of April 1st, 2016. Dutch Sprouts aims to support farmers worldwide to increase their yields by providing them with intuitive, smart and affordable solutions in order to monitor crop and soil quality. Dutch Sprouts combines various sensors and complex databases in its products, enabling farmers to increase their yields up to 50% per hectare.

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Prof Ruth Oniang'o of SoilCares Foundation Board enthusiastic about SoilCares scanner

Last month SoilCares Foundation had a Board meeting in Wageningen with Hon. Professor Ruth Oniang’o for the first time. Professor Oniang’o has recently joined the SoilCares Foundation and is very enthusiastic about the introduction of available and affordable soil testing technology to smallholder farmers.

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