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Affordable technology-driven innovations

SoilCares aims to improve agricultural and horticultural procedures, by combining the latest agricultural know-how with high quality analytical experience and expertise. SoilCares has developed two main products:

The SoilCares Lab-in-a-box, a complete agricultural laboratory with accurate results that fits in the boot of a jeep.

The SoilCares Scanner, a handheld device that executes on-the-spot soil tests in order to receive adequate lime and fertilizer recommendations within 10 minutes.

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SoilCares Foundation was created to bridge knowledge gaps that exist in soil fertility management, by giving smallholder farmers access to the available agricultural information and technologies.

In the last decade, a lot of improvements have been made in the agricultural sector when it comes to helping farmers manage their land. Many around the world have already benefited from them, however, this knowledge is not accessible to everyone. SoilCares Foundation aims to give small scale farmers access to the right information and technology to enable them to manage their soils effectively. 

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Dutch Sprouts also innovates scoutworking by developing unique devices that, replacing the human eye, count and identify insects in greenhouses.

The Scoutbox locates and determines the amount of white flies, trips and macrolophus. The results are displayed on a smartphone app as movements of the insect population in the greenhouse.

The method is already available commercially and used by growers and poultry farmers.

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Clear Detections offers plant health laboratories a simple solution to accelerate their plant disease diagnostic service. Clear Detections’ diagnostic products are currently on the market as all-inclusive molecular kits (Real-time PCR based) for the detection of plant pathogenic nematodes and fungi. The innovative kits allow laboratories to accurately identify and detect crop damaging plant pathogens at an early stage in soil and plants.

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Springg is an international software company specialised in agricultural data transport, agricultural software development and agricultural sensor technologies. Springg was formed to offer a platform for the ever growing number of specialised “apps” for agricultural purposes and to stimulate the creation of even better ones by offering links to different sources of data or knowledge.

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The Springg platform

NMI is a research and consulting agency for the development, application and dissemination of expertise on soil quality and soil management, with 80 years of experience. NMI uses its unique know-how to answer questions and offers solutions for current issues in the fields of agriculture, environment and nature.

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Under development

Weather station

We are also developing an affordable self sustaining weather station that works everywhere in the world. Data is transmitted via the internet so it can be accessed anywhere anytime on a smartphone.

SoilCares Feed Scanner

SoilCares aims to expand the Scanner's field of reach to animal feed. The development of the database has started. Follow our news to stay tuned on further advancements.